Spring? Time to shape up.

Spring? Time to shape up.

Spring? Time to shape up.

Spring? Time to shape up.

Sun is up, move your body. When Spring arrives, it’s always good to get those heavy legs from the couch cheap ray ban sungalsses and to get started on that Summer body. No need to starve yourself, just move your lazy ass! 🙂

We got back to our 30min interval work-out that trains your entire upper body on a high intensity. And so can you! Get rrrrready to let your muscles jordan retro 1 burn from pleasure with these 3 x 4 exercises, combined with a nasty little run.

And keep in mind: DON’T STOP!

+ 1 Minute push-ups
+ 1 Minute burpees
+ 1 Minute plank
+ 1 Minute switching side stretch plank
+ 2 Minutes running, as fast as possible.
1 Minute pause (don’t forget to drink!)

Do this full routine, including running, 3 times. First you’ll hate us, later onwards you’ll regret not meeting us earlier. See you at the beach! JafJaf!

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