Mission 20-fit

Mission 20-FIT.

J here. I’ve made a sporty decision that I might regret at first but most definitely will be very grateful for later…

With my 25th birthday coming up in September, it’s time to make some things happen. It’s time to gain some volume around my arms, to shape-up and to get that six-pack that has nothing to do with German or Belgian beer. Not by starving myself out with diets, but by doing lots of (fun) sports and by keeping myself on a healthy food plan.

Bye bye, lazy evenings, crisps, bread, alcohol,… Hello 20-fit?

Mission 20-fit: here we go!

The next two months I will be reporting my progress and share my tips and tricks into making it happen. Lets hope I can make you guys proud of me. JafJaf!


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