Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel

A night in a drain pipe.

Always in for a little adventure? Same here! How about spending the night in a robust drain pipe? We can surely recommend it as a cool experience.

Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel

Dasparkhotel Bernepark, located in Bottrop (near to Essen and a small 30 minutes drive from Düsseldorf), is quite something. Actually, we already spotted the hotel last year but were sadly not able to get there. Now was the time!

The hotel exists out of five drain pipes (aka five suites), each suitable for two people to spend the night. Pure simplicity from the outside and surprisingly comfortable from the inside. You actually have full headroom, storage space underneath the bed, a wide eurofoam mattress and electricity to charge your laptop, mobile phone and camera. What more do you need?

Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel

We enjoyed the experience a lot. And you know what? You decide your own price! Because Dasparkhotel uses regular hotel facilities from surrounding public infrastructure, they work with the ‘Pay as you wish’ formula. Just give what you think it was worth and leave it in an envelope in your suite when you leave.

Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel Dasparkhotel Bernepark Hotel

Did we get you curious? Ofcourse we did! The hotel is opened from May till October but due to the popularity, there’s a limit in still available dates. Bookings via dasparkhotel.net. JafJaf!


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