JAF Flashback: J’s history as a popstar.

JAF Flashback: J’s history as a popstar.

JAF Flashback - J's history as a popstar

JAF Flashback: J’s history as a popstar.

We’re gonna go back in time! Did you know that J has a history as a popstar?

Back in 2010, when he was working as a TV-host for a music channel, the question popped-up to release an own single. J, who previously participated in the Belgian version of X-Factor didn’t hesitate a minute and dove into a music studio in The Netherlands, where he worked with the incredibly talented Rocketeers.

A first single for MINNO was born: Dreaming.

Hey, don’t blame the boy for kissing a girl. He kinda liked it, the taste of her cherry chopstick. And what happens in the UK (where the videoclip was shot), gets posted on the net.

Half a year later, J started working with singer songwriter Gene Thomas to create a self written feel-good summer song.

MINNO had a second swinging baby: Dance with Me.

The videoclip that was recorded in Amsterdam. J might be swinging in the spotlight but you can barely miss out on hottie F, shaking his booty.

After hearing a demo of the first MINNO song, Dreaming, Italian producer/DJ Pops & Booms offered his mixing talent to create great remixes of both songs. Check them out and get into the groove!

MINNO – Dance With Me (Pops & Booms Remix)

MINNO – Dreaming (Pops & Booms Remix)

The story continues…

Beginning of 2014, J headed to Italy to work on some new tracks. Further away from the typical pop as before and under another artist name. History as a popstar? Step into the future. Are you curious to have a listen? JafJaf!

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