Suit Up: J x Drykorn Business Look

Suit Up: J x Drykorn.

J’s 25th life year brings a new premium friend along: a lovely Drykorn suit.

Ah, birthdays. The time to gather all your beloved friends and family to talk about the past year, have a drink, a dance, a bite, a selfie with everyone. The perfect moment to have a good time all together. You have to just love it.

Next to that, birthdays are also the time of presents… With my 25th birthday last week, I received quite some gift cards and shopping money. Logically it didn’t take me too long to go out and spend it. And if I may say: it’s been spent wisely.

Already for a long period I’ve been in need of a second complete suit. Most of the time you can easily combine a good qualitative jeans with a nice blazer for a casual office Cheap Ray Bans look, but sometimes you’d just like it to be a little more dressed.

So, with freshly received cash money in the hand, F and I went to look for a new full costume at Drykorn (yes, Made For Beautiful People). After trying on quite some cool stuff, we decided to go for this dark blue suit with a cool pattern all over the blazer and pants that clearly makes it stand out. By the way: it not only looks good, it also feels soft. Prrrrr.

So, fashion police, what are your thoughts? Can I walk into your office? JafJaf!

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1227" src="" alt="Suit Up: J x своими Drykorn Business Look” width=”660″ height=”880″ srcset=” 660w,×300.jpg 224w” sizes=”(max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px” />Suit Up: J x Drykorn Business LookSuit Up: J x Drykorn x Gemini Bracelets Business Look

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2 thoughts on “Suit Up: J x Drykorn.

    1. Thanks Elsa! Drykorn is definitely one of our favorite high quality brands. They also have great looks for women. Be sure to check it out. 😉 JafJaf!

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