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Applause For The Elisabeth Musical
Applause for the Elisabeth musical

This week we had the pleasure to attend the Elisabeth musical, also known as the most successful German musical, in the Essener Colosseum. We were backstage, onstage, frontstage and are pleased to report to you right here, right now. The very talented cast of Elisabeth just returned from their tour in Shanghai where they performed the 'other' story of world known Swiss empress Sissi 40 times in, yes... German. 14 megatrucks packed with 664 costumes, 150 wigs, 125 pair of shoes and the full scenery brought the Elisabeth musical back to Germany where the piece will run in Essen till the 22nd of March. Later onwards they will move to München. Livekritik and the production behind the show invited us for a very pleasant evening with Elisabeth. At arrival we were welcomed with a backstage tour. What kind of team is behind the technic, the costumes and the scenery? How do the actors manage to have a costume-switch in less than 10 seconds (Elisabeth for example switches her costume 16 times)? All our questions got answered. And now the impressive world of musical hasn't got any secrets for us. Meanwhile #backstage, spinning around at #ElisabethMusical... #musical Ein von JAF (@jaftime) gepostetes Video am 27. Feb 2015 um 9:46 Uhr After the interesting tour, a spin onstage, a glass of champagne and snacks it was time to get to our seats. Lights! And action! The tones of 'Alle Tanzen Mit Dem Tot' kicked of a show that we both now give two well deserved thumbs up. We let ourselves get guided through the dark history of Elisabeth, performed by Roberta Valentini, and her secret flirt with death. During the show we mingled in the TweetUp via #ElisabethMusical and expressed our very positive impression on the musical. Cause, to be completely honest, there are some amazing voices in the cast, accompanied by the impressive orchestra guided by Paul Christ. Our favorite voice of the night is the one of Mark Seibert who performes Der Tot and sounds a lot like the very talented Belgian singer/songwriter Udo. J had goosebumps during the full song where grown-up Prince Rudolf sings with Der Tot. F's favorite song is 'Ich gehör nur mir', which he is now singing ever since. When the curtain fell, we were invited to have a chat with the main actors who talked about their nights in China and about being back in front of a German crowd. What a night. It probably doesn't come as a surprise if we tell you the Elisabeth musical is highly recommendable. The 28-people cast still plays in Essen till the 22nd of March and than moves to München. Check out the website for the full tourplan and tickets. Meanwhile we're already looking forward to our next night out. JafJaf!