The Perfect Dairy-Free Dinner Party

The Perfect Dairy-Free Dinner Party

Perfect dairy-free dinner party

The Perfect Dairy-Free Dinner Party

More and more people lately discover they have a food allergy. Does that mean you can’t enjoy the pleasures of delicious dining anymore? Oh, hell no!

Mid last year I’ve gone in a state of constant tiredness, pretty much always being nauseous, having headaches, even crawling on the floor from incredible stomach pains and ending up in the hospital.

Turned out I have a lactose intolerance, an allergy for milk products. Which nowadays seems to be quite common, though still quite an obstacle for cooking and going on a restaurant. My god, milk is in everything: E-VE-RY-THING.

Good thing we have really great friends that are open for some creativity in the kitchen. We decided that every one or two months we’ll come together for a dinner that makes nobody feel bad. Also, it’s the perfect occasion to drink wine together. Because: what’s a dinner party without? 🙂

Meet: The perfect dairy-free dinner party.

The party kicked-off at our place. What the hell should we cook for eight people?

Well, we actually really quickly found some inspiring recipes in books and the WWW. Here’s what made it to the very first dairy-free diner party menu (click on it to get to the recipe):

Starter: Cucumber lasagne with a paprika cashew paste and avocado filling
Dairy-Free Cooking: Cucumber Lasagne

Main course: Codfish with creamy zucchini white wine sauce and pine nut rice
Dairy-free cooking: Codfish with creamy zucchini white wine sauce and pine nut rice-header

Dessert: Sorbet ice in a bath of champagne with a hint of mint
Dairy-free cooking: Sorbet ice in a champagne bath with a hint of mint

Nobody went home hungry, nor thirsty and the whole night was dairy-free. Just the way we like it.




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