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JAF – Just two guys
JAF - Two guys. Together.

Hi! We’re JAF, that’s J and F! Two guys in fashion with a passion for travel, sports, gadgets, love & life! Do you remember the 8th of May, 2011? Well, we certainly do. It was a sunny Sunday. It was the day a German guy met a Belgian guy in Antwerp. It was unfortunately not as warm as it appeared to be. And it was then that the German guy gave his denim jacket to the freezing Belgian guy who only whore a t-shirt and shorts. It was the start of J&F, JAF. Meanwhile we’ve been through a lot together, living every day to the max. From renovating our dirty old apartment in Antwerp, to driving three extra days with a mobile home in trying to avoid toll roads while driving to the French coast, to visiting the magnificent Northern light in Iceland at -15°C, till everyday life while both working in Fashion. And let’s not forget about that time in Zanzibar when we swam with wild dolphins. Prrrrr! In 2013 we left our nice life in beautiful Antwerp behind to make a fresh, exciting start in Düsseldorf. After two months of camping in a 20m² hotel room we’ve managed to settle into our own lovely apartment - the JAF mansion. Since we’re so excited about all the new adventures coming our way, we decided to share them with you. We also hope to hear your stories and maybe someday we’ll meet in this blasting world. Great having you here on our little virtual place. Jaf Jaf!

Beyoncé just got cooler with her #lovewins

With the US legalization of gay marriage and the 45th annual pride parade in New York, Facebook turned all happy rainbow on everyone. Beyoncé came out of the closeth with something really cool to show her support to #lovewins. Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️ Ein von Beyoncé (@beyonce) gepostetes Video am 1. Jul 2015 um 10:35 Uhr Thanks B. We love you too.

Channing Tatum can Vogue

With Magic Mike XXL hitting theaters, all eyes are on Channing Tatum. And you have to admit, the guy can move. Even Madonna's Vogue is no competition. While doing promo for the follow-up of Magic Mike, actor Channing Tatum showed some classic dance moves at Vanity Fair. And with classic we don't mean ballroom, a cha-cha-cha or linedance. Hell no.

Applause For The Elisabeth Musical
Applause for the Elisabeth musical

This week we had the pleasure to attend the Elisabeth musical, also known as the most successful German musical, in the Essener Colosseum. We were backstage, onstage, frontstage and are pleased to report to you right here, right now. The very talented cast of Elisabeth just returned from their tour in Shanghai where they performed the 'other' story of world known Swiss empress Sissi 40 times in, yes... German. 14 megatrucks packed with 664 costumes, 150 wigs, 125 pair of shoes and the full scenery brought the Elisabeth musical back to Germany where the piece will run in Essen till the 22nd of March. Later onwards they will move to München. Livekritik and the production behind the show invited us for a very pleasant evening with Elisabeth. At arrival we were welcomed with a backstage tour. What kind of team is behind the technic, the costumes and the scenery? How do the actors manage to have a costume-switch in less than 10 seconds (Elisabeth for example switches her costume 16 times)? All our questions got answered. And now the impressive world of musical hasn't got any secrets for us. Meanwhile #backstage, spinning around at #ElisabethMusical... #musical Ein von JAF (@jaftime) gepostetes Video am 27. Feb 2015 um 9:46 Uhr After the interesting tour, a spin onstage, a glass of champagne and snacks it was time to get to our seats. Lights! And action! The tones of 'Alle Tanzen Mit Dem Tot' kicked of a show that we both now give two well deserved thumbs up. We let ourselves get guided through the dark history of Elisabeth, performed by Roberta Valentini, and her secret flirt with death. During the show we mingled in the TweetUp via #ElisabethMusical and expressed our very positive impression on the musical. Cause, to be completely honest, there are some amazing voices in the cast, accompanied by the impressive orchestra guided by Paul Christ. Our favorite voice of the night is the one of Mark Seibert who performes Der Tot and sounds a lot like the very talented Belgian singer/songwriter Udo. J had goosebumps during the full song where grown-up Prince Rudolf sings with Der Tot. F's favorite song is 'Ich gehör nur mir', which he is now singing ever since. When the curtain fell, we were invited to have a chat with the main actors who talked about their nights in China and about being back in front of a German crowd. What a night. It probably doesn't come as a surprise if we tell you the Elisabeth musical is highly recommendable. The 28-people cast still plays in Essen till the 22nd of March and than moves to München. Check out the website for the full tourplan and tickets. Meanwhile we're already looking forward to our next night out. JafJaf!

‘Schiebepuzzle’ by Herr M.
Schiebepuzzle by Herr M.

German design studio Herr M has created Schiebepuzzle, a side table inspired by a children’s puzzle toy, that has a top that slides open to expose small storage areas. From the designers: "Inspired by a childrens toy we designed the side table “Schiebepuzzle”. The front doors can slide up and down and from side to side showing just a little bit of his content at a time, the rest is a seeking-game – for magazines and the minibar, for bottles, glasses, coasters or a deck of cards. Decent and lightly in impression this side table fits in lounges, lofts, living rooms and everywhere, where small things need a place." Available through Fräulein M. JafJaf!

H.E. By Mango November 2014 Men’s Lookbook
HE by Mango November Lookbook

Mango surprises with its so far best H.E. by Mango November Men's Lookbook Mango has already released a few cookbooks earlier this year including their  A/W14 Menswear lookbook and their A/W14 urban suiting collection. Both have been played quite safe on terms of style and looks. This november lookbook however is defintely one of the most fashion forward collections Mango has released so far. We are beyond impressed. For us, Mango has always been very traditional, mainstream and quite Spanish inspired in their H.E. by Mango collection. Well, this lookbook is different. It's high fashion but still not over the top. All styles shown in the lookbook are individually styled and brought together in remarkable outfits. We are really surprised and welcome this new look of the H.E. collection. Everything is clean cut, futuristic and minimalistic. The mix of tailoring with sports influenced pieces follows the actual fashion trend and is executed nicely. For us a ready to wear and feel good collection. Difficult to choose a favourite. What's yours? JafJaf!

Fasten Your Seatbelt: The Sky Is The Limit With Windowless Airplanes.
windowless airplane

In 10 Years there will be a windowless airplane where the sky is the limit. Imagine sitting in a flight cabin where the windows are display screens, relaying a choice of views from around the aircraft. Sounds great and this company is working on it. The Center for Process Innovation (CPI), a British technology research company is working on the next big step in air transportation. They are aiming to replace the windows from passenger planes with touch-screens that extend along the plane’s entire length and display the view from outside through cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior. According to CPI, windows are one of the greatest sources of unnecessary weight in passenger planes. Solid walls are stronger and allow the walls to be built thinner as well. The OLED screens that replace the windows would display the view outside and allow passengers to select entertainment and stewardess service. Nice side effect: less weight means less fuel consumption which results again in lower CO2 emissions. Thumps Up! A bright technology to look forward to and a whole new flight eperience. No need to look through these tiny little airplane windows any longer. We already see ourselves about to land in New York City with a stunning panoramic city view by night or passing by the Mount Everest. 2024 can come. JafJaf! Extra designed OLED screens will show passengers the world outside. Via the screens passengers can ask for service, see all flight information and enjoy internet access and media players.

Pick Of The Day: G-Star RAW Office Look.
Pick Of The Day: G-Star RAW Office Look.

Weither you hit the city or the office, you're gonna love the G-Star RAW look we've picked out. It isn't a secret at all that we guys like to dress nice. Therefore it's always good to find easy to combine key items for your wardrobe. You should've seen the smile on J's face when he bumped into this great G-Star RAW blazer. The Lockstart blazer is a four-button blazer with large hand-pockets and a rounded hem that is slightly longer in the front. With its mediumweight sweat fabric and added stretch, it's a pleasure to wear it both in the office and city. The city formal style matches perfectly with denim. We've completed the look with a classy black AllSaints t-shirt, a Diesel Thavar denim, black Converse sneakers for a casual touch and J's latest pride: a Tommy Hilfiger leather Colton laptop bag. Add a nice accessory like our beloved Gemini Bracelets and you're ready to go. JafJaf!  Blazer: G-Star RAW // T-Shirt: AllSaints // Denim: Diesel // Bag: Tommy Hilfiger // Bracelet: Gemini Bracelets

The People Of Times Square.
The people of Times Square by night
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Michael Tapp captures the feel on Times Square. We've only been once to New York, but can tell you: Times Square is a place that you never forget. The lights, the atmosphere, the people that walk around. Gotta love it. Small note: J probably loves it a little bit more since it was the place where he saw the one and only Snoop Dog, aka nowadays Snoop Lion. Video artist Michael Tapp made a great video of the big square with a focus on the people that pass there during nighttime by having a chat with them. Watch out: tearjerker. Enjoy! JafJaf!

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals – First Phase Released.
Pharell Williams X adidas originals
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Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals first phase available now. Pharrell Williams has become one of the major American music producer to launch a design range this week with trainers and sportswear for Adidas. Now, Adidas has unveiled the first two pieces from its collaboration with musician and producer Pharrell Williams, which launched in shops on Saturday, 20th. Three more product releases will follow in October, November and December. The total collection will consist of a series of limited edition pieces with the draw on items from the sportswear brand's collection of classic designs. The first two are a version of Adidas' Superstar track jacket in leather and the brand's classic Stan Smith shoes, which will come in three colors: blue, red and black. "The equal sign is the leitmotif of the collaboration's logo," said Adidas in an official statement about the logo for the collaboration. "Next to the Adidas Originals trefoil, two of the iconic three stripes transform into a bold equal sign with the third being the name of Pharrell Williams," the brand explained further. Adidas also said that the products in the collaboration would "revolve around Pharrell's idea of equality," but did not explain how this had been applied to the jacket and trainers. Release Date: Available Now! - Store: Adidas first announced its collaboration with Pharell at the beginning of this year, but is not the only brand to be working with the producer. In July, Pharrell unveiled a collection of clothing for G-Star RAW with fabrics made from materials, created using waste plastic collected from the sea. At the moment it seems that everything the great producer/singer touches is meant to be very succesful. From his Oscar-winning 'Happy' song which turned into an anthem earlier this year, to multiple magazine covers. For sure one of the men of 2014. Stay tuned for more. JafJaf!