Inside The Star Wars House By MOON HOON.
Inside the StarWars house by Moon Hoon
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Our little boy's dream becomes reality with the Star Wars house, designed by MOON HOON Architects. Korean architecture firm MOON HOON has developed the one and only ‘Star Wars house’ for a family in Yongin-si. The fantasy home, existing out of three floors pays a visual homage to Star Wars while also acknowledging the client’s childhood dream of being an astronaut. The home features an angled concrete facade, relieved with thin stripes and boxy windows. The interior is very bright and skeletal, making use of natural light and woods to create a spacious effect for the inhabitants. Enjoy a sneaky look inside and, yes, may the force be with you! JafJaf!

The next crazy thing Dubai is planning: a temperature-controlled city.
mall of the world in dubai cityview

The next crazy thing Dubai is going to build: a temperature-controlled city, known as the 'Mall of the World'. Dubai has always had a thing for showing off. They have Bugatti police cars, the world's tallest buildings and an underwater hotel. But now, they are going to build the world's first integrated temperature-controlled city and an indoor theme park, covered by a retractable glass dome that opens during winter months. It will be located in the Al Sufouh district, close to the water front. If everything goes as planned, the shopping and entertainment complex will include a Broadway-style theater district; a pedestrian walkway modeled on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas; a 6.9-km retail network of roads, based on London’s Oxford Street; 20,000 hotel rooms; underground parking; an indoor family theme park and a “wellness district” for medical tourists. We call that a clear understatement. JafJaf!