JAF bites dust at the Reebok Spartan Race

If you put us in front of a sporty challenge, chances are high we won't say no. So when a few friends invited us to join their sprint team for the Reebok Spartan Race, we were all aboard! March this year, I received a text message with "You guys should join our team for the Reebok Spartan Race. It will be cool. You have to sign-up today!". Little did we know what we were getting into but we quickly signed up, assuming it's some kind of marathon. Not. A few weeks later we discovered the true nature of the Reebok Spartan Race, an obstacle race. Let's show you... Yeah. We were a bit excited as well after seeing that a few days before taking part of the race. It's probably no surprise when we say we were slightly nervous at the starting point. But hey, together with our great team we took on all the obstacles, ran our ass off and all covered in mud did we get to that burning finish line. Our team Les Spartans even finished as the fastest - and let's just say BEST - sprint team of the day with a time of 01:16:29. Let's do that again!

Polo Ralph Lauren: Workout Monitoring T(ech)-Shirt.
Polo Ralph Lauren Tech Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren is going to launch its newest development in the area of technical sportswear. The newly developed tech shirt is able to monitor the wearer's biological and physiological information. Edge-cutting or nice to have? Upcoming US tennis player Marcos Giron is testing the shirt at this years US Open in New York City during his trainings. The shirt has sensors knitted into it. The sensors work with Bluetooth, record the data and send them to a cloud where algorithms are applied. The outcome can then be accessed through the matching app for Android and iOS. The shirt from Polo Ralp Lauren features electrocardiogram, breathing sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. It can measure stress levels, energy output, heart- and breathing rate, heart rate variability, breathing depth, intensity of activity, steps and calories burned. Next to all those technical information, the shirt is tight-fitting and looks great. Of course not missing, the Ralp Lauren horse logo in bright yellow colour in contrast to the black shirt. What's next? JafJaf!

SMS Audio BioSport Headphones are tracking your heart rate.
The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel

Usually going for a run with your music in-ear? Well, these biometric headphones bring your running to a whole new level: they are monitoring your heart rate. Discover the SMS Audio BioSport Headphones. SMS Audio has recently launched their sports collection. But now they are going to introduce the SMS Audio’s BioSport In-Ear Headphones. These headphones are a collaboration between Intel and SMS Audio, which was founded by the rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson. 50 Cent's aim was to create headphones with top-quality audio, style, fit and functionality. A Headphone is a headphone? Not these ones. The SMS Audio BioSport Headphones have sensors to measure the heart rate of the user. There is no need to wear a chest strap or a wearable and there are no batteries required. The headphones take their energy from a smartphone or MP3 player through an audio jack. Open the box, put them in your ears, plug them in your phone and it just works. “With the introduction of the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, we’re now the first to provide this level of integrated, seamless and helpful biometric information to inspire customers to advance their fitness experiences.” said Brian M. Nohe, president of SMS Audio, in a press release. To us this is a product we are now really waiting on to be released. It is easy to use and creates an extra value due to heart rate monitoring. Waiting to see what the pairing of SMS Audio and Intel will bring in the future. From what we know today, the headphones will work together with the popular fitness app RunKeeper for Android and iOS. It will be water resisdent, it will be available in the fourth quarter this year and the price should be around $150 according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt(approx. €112). JafJaf!

Mission 20-FIT: The morning road to hotness.
Mission 20-FIT: The morning road to hotness

Here's J. A few weeks ago, Mission 20-FIT started with the goal to get in top shape for my 25th birthday. With the right music for running via Fitradio and motivation to hit the gym with Bodyjam, a lot of progress has already been made. Let's take it to the next level! Okay, the first three weeks were a good way to get warmed-up by saying no to sweets, crisps, alcohol and... bread. Gently onwards I started going back to the gym to do cardio and my running shoes also saw daylight again. It's great to have a goal (mine: to be in my best shape on September 21st) but you have to stay realistic and build-up wisely. Last week, I decided to take the next step, based on the cool Six-pack program of the German Men's Health magazine. Six of their employees took on the challenge to train eight weeks long to get their six-pack pumped. Really motivating to see how they managed. And so I started this week by also doing cardio every day, every damn day. But you know what? It's not that bad, on the contrary. For me the trick is to plan a routine in the mornings by preparing my sports outfit in the evening and putting my alarm half an hour earlier. It's just a matter of getting up, get dressed, drink a cup of coffee and wake-up while doing a half an hour morning run. Trust me: you feel way more active during the day.   By doing so, I managed to get faster every day without it taking me to my ultimate limit. On July 28th, it took me for example 30:42 for 6,22km. That's an average of 4min 56sec per kilometer. Compare that to my run of August 15th where I had an average of 4min 16sec for basically the same distance. That's 40 seconds per kilometer faster in just three weeks time. What I'm going to add to my running, cardio at the gym and healthy eating/drinking is the one thing I don't like so much: strength training. Wish me good luck! JafJaf!

Mission 20-FIT: motivated with the right tunes.
Mission 20-FIT: Fitradio
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Hola! Already three days far in my Mission 20-FIT and still on track! Proud already? It's actually really easy to work on your fitness by just going for a run while waking up in the morning or directly after work. The only thing: without the right music for running it can be such a bore... That's why I'm happy to have discovered this great music app, called Fitradio. Supporting Android, iPhone and Blackberry, it provides you daily updated music mixes in different genres. My personal favorite mixes are the TOP-40- and Electro House mixes, both with a constant energetic 128 BPM. Try it out and get your groove on together with me. J from JafJaf!

Mission 20-FIT.
Mission 20-fit

J here. I've made a sporty decision that I might regret at first but most definitely will be very grateful for later... With my 25th birthday coming up in September, it's time to make some things happen. It's time to gain some volume around my arms, to shape-up and to get that six-pack that has nothing to do with German or Belgian beer. Not by starving myself out with diets, but by doing lots of (fun) sports and by keeping myself on a healthy food plan. Bye bye, lazy evenings, crisps, bread, alcohol,... Hello 20-fit? The next two months I will be reporting my progress and share my tips and tricks into making it happen. Lets hope I can make you guys proud of me. JafJaf!

Cool: adidas ZX Flux goes Instagram

This summer adidas Originals relaunches 'miadidas' with a new possibility to personalize your sneakers. A new photo app from adidas will be the key behind this new form of personalization. With the app it will be possible to place your own Instagram pictures on the ZX Flux sneaker that directly get printed and send home. Still a bit of patience cause the app that will be available for iPhone and Android will only be launched in August this year. Selfie on the sneak? We say: Hell yeah! JafJaf! ____________________ Diesen Sommer relauncht adidas Originals 'miadidas' und implementiert einen neuen Ansatz Sneaker zu personalisieren. Ausgangspunkt des neuen Konzepts ist eine neue Foto-App von adidas. Mit der App wird es zum ersten Mal selbst möglich sein,  eigene Fotos auf den ZX Flux Sneaker zu platzieren und anschließend die individuellen Foto Druck Schuhe nach Hause zu bestellen.  Die App für iPhone und Android steht ab August 2014 zum Download bereit und greift dann auf eure Instagram Fotos zu. Selfie on the sneak? Wir sagen: Daumen Hoch. JafJaf!

Run JAF, run.
Run JAF, run

Just like in 2013, we decided to have another sportive highlight of the year and to participate in the DVV Antwerp 10 Miles (16.28km). Small difference: in 2013 there were 25.000 participants, in 2014 a small 41.000. With us right in the middle. And what a great event. In the morning, the marathon runners start, around noon there's a 5km run and a Chiquita Kids run of 1.4km, and the main thing of the day: the 10 Miles. Because of the big amount of sporty people, the run was divided in three waves (15.00/15.30/16.00). F started his run at 15h and J had his turn at 16h.   If you've ever participated in an official run or marathon, you completely understand the excitement of such an event. Thousands of people standing at the sideline, cheering for you, clapping their hands, reaching out  refreshing drinks,... If you don't watch out, you quickly get swept away and get goosebumps all over your body. This all gives a great extra motivation and makes you run your best time ever. Man, did we have fun. It do is tough, as specially when you're almost at the finish line and still have to get up the Waaslandtunnel. We don't like to swear, but that's kind of a b*tch. When you get out, there's still about a kilometer or two to run till the promised land. Heaven.   Final results of our Antwerp 10 Miles-run:J = Place 6069 in 1:21:49F= Place 738 in 1:07:51 (Best German!) In for the thrill in 2015? Go for it and combine with a nice weekend of Antwerp. There's really a lot to see, to discover and to taste... Belgian chocolate, fries (Frituur No.1) and an incredible range of Belgian beers. JafJaf! ___________________ Genau wie im letzten Jahr, haben wir uns auch in 2014 wieder für den 10 Meilen Lauf des DVV (16.28km) in Antwerpen angemeldet. Waren es in 2013 noch ca. 25.000 Teilnehmer, sind am vergangenen Sonntag fast 41.000 Läufer mit am Start gewesen. Und wir mittendrin. Der Lauf in Antwerpen ist ein super Ereignis. (more…)

You’d love to sweat in this.
You'd love to sweat in this

Sporty people deserve fancy sporty outfits. As specially for men, sport clothing tends to be a bit dull. Reebok does do efforts to change this, but sadly we barely find shops where they sell a wide range of Reebok. We wouldn’t be JAF if we didn’t do a bit of browsing and found something cool to wear for the Antwerp 10 miles. Let’s sweat in style! F wanted to get himself a pair of flashy running shoes. He spotted the Nike and Newbalance sneakers-trend in Düsseldorf, which are great for a sporty look, but not ideal for an intensive work-out. Since F is an expert in online shopping, he browsed the www and found his new pair of puppies: the new Adizero Adios Boost. They now help him swing over the road and, you have to admit, they do look extra fly for a bright guy.   J is already for a long time satisfied with his Nikes and just buys the same pair in a different color when he’s in need of new ones. He now wanted some funky trousers. Also here you have a bit the problem that options for mens sport trousers are limited. Short or long, tight or loose, that’s mostly it. Not fair!   For the good cause, we went snooping around the female sport section and found an awesome low crotch training shorts from Nike Dri-Fit. Would he? …Well actually, yes he would and good that he did! How do you like our ready-to-runble-outfits? JafJaf! ____________________ Sportlichen Leuten steht auch ein cooles Sportoutfit zu, aber besonders für Männer ist die Kleidung aktuell in den Läden doch relativ langweilig. Schwarz mit ein bisschen blau, grün oder neon gelb sieht man am meisten. Alleine Reebok ist dort mit der CrossFit Kollektion eine Ausnahme, doch auch die findet man so gut wie nur für Frauen. Ausnahme: In Düsseldorf ist eine kleine Auswahl bei Galeria Kaufhof (Schadowstraße) in der SportsArena zu finden. Aber JAF wäre nicht JAF, wenn wir ein wenig im Internet surfen würden um etwas cooles zu finden um bei dem 10 Meilen Lauf von Antwerpen anzuziehen. #sweatinstyle F brauchte ein paar neue Laufschuhe. Er hat sich in Düsseldorf verschiedene Nike und NewBalance Sneakers angesehen, diese sehen zwar hip aus, taugen aber nicht wirklich für ein volles Workout. Nun, wer F kennt weiß, dass er ein Experte im Online-Shopping ist. Kurzerhand ein gutes Angebot für die neuen Adizero Adios Boost in flashigen Farben gefunden, zugeschlagen, eingelaufen und F meilenweit in Antwerpen getragen.   J ist schon seit langem auf seine Nikes eingeschworen und hat sich vor kurzem noch sein Lieblingsmodell in der aktuellen Variante zugelegt. Es fehlte noch eine, seit langem gewünschte, Low-Crotch Shorts. Auch hier zeigt sich wieder einmal das Problem: Im Herrenbereich nichts zu finden. Bermuda in kurz oder lang, etwas enger oder normal geschnitten. Da hört es dann aber auch schon auf. Fair? Ähm…klares Nein.   Also was bleibt anderes übrig als sich ganz unverblümt einmal in der Damenabteilung nebenan umzusehen. Und was findet man dort ohne Probleme? Richtig, Low-Crotch Hosen mit Dri-Fit in verschiedenen Modellen von Nike. Sollte er etwa? …Ja er sollte und tat es dann auch. Wie findet ihr unsere „ready-to-rumble-outfits“? JafJaf!

Meet: Bubble football.
Meet: Bubble football

There's nothing better than the feeling of sweat dripping down your face after an awesome workout. Or maybe there is... We just discovered something quite unbelievable: Bubble football! This sport from Denmark just found its way to Germany (even with its own national competition). The idea behind it is practically the same as from classic football. Small difference: the players are walking bubbles, bumping into each other while trying to get the ball in the goal of the opponent. Hi-la-ri-ous! We're definitely gonna look for a team in the Düsseldorf area. Interested in joining, let us know on And else: see you soon in the bumping and bouncing competition! JafJaf!