A Smooth Ride: The MINI Superleggera Vision Concept.
A smooth ride: The Mini Superleggera Vision Concept
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Ready for cruising through next Summer in style? Have a look at the electric MINI Superleggera Vision concept! As announced earlier in Spring this year, this exclusive interpretation of an electric open-top two-seater was created by MINI and Touring Superleggera, the stylish couch builder from Milan. The MINI Superleggera Vision is on the one hand a classic roadster, a compact and agile two-seater, expressing the most minimalist and emotional style of motoring; and on the other hand its electric drivetrain gives the car distinctly modern driving dynamics. The perfectly balanced proportions indicate at first glance what the electrically powered MINI has to offer in terms of a driving experience: the stretched bonnet, long wheelbase and cool, short overhangs convey pure driving fun. As in every MINI, the wheels are set widely on the body, promising a high degree of agility. The passenger cell is slightly set back, further underscoring the car's dynamic impression. The result is a car of classic beauty that is also state of the art. And we sure like it... a lot! This all is still in a concept phase, but as reactions are mainly very positive, BMW announced production could be something of the near future. Fingers crossed! Can you already imagine yourself taking this baby for a spin? JafJaf!  

Unu, the smart electric scooter.
Unu, the electric scooter

unu just launches the ideal urban vehicle with their new electric scooter. Since July 2014, the new electric scooters from Munich-based brand unu move on German roads, available in 65 different color combinations, finally making e-mobility affordable and personalized. This electric scooter, steerable with every car- and moped driving license, has a range of more than 50 km (with a battery) or 100 km (with two batteries). The brake energy recovery system (KERS) even provides you with additional kilometers. unu is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery, chargeable for up to six hours of cruising fun from every (home) charging powerpoint. Thanks to the newest generation of lithium-ion cells, the portable battery only weighs eight kg. An integrated charge status display practically shows how much power the battery has left. The Roller itself only weighs 58 kg, which is about half the weight of a comparable Vespa. The innovative electric motor is maintenance free and requires no gears, tank or oil. Easy, clean and emission-free, without finding a parking space in the city. We like! JafJaf!

SMS Audio BioSport Headphones are tracking your heart rate.
The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel

Usually going for a run with your music in-ear? Well, these biometric headphones bring your running to a whole new level: they are monitoring your heart rate. Discover the SMS Audio BioSport Headphones. SMS Audio has recently launched their sports collection. But now they are going to introduce the SMS Audio’s BioSport In-Ear Headphones. These headphones are a collaboration between Intel and SMS Audio, which was founded by the rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson. 50 Cent's aim was to create headphones with top-quality audio, style, fit and functionality. A Headphone is a headphone? Not these ones. The SMS Audio BioSport Headphones have sensors to measure the heart rate of the user. There is no need to wear a chest strap or a wearable and there are no batteries required. The headphones take their energy from a smartphone or MP3 player through an audio jack. Open the box, put them in your ears, plug them in your phone and it just works. “With the introduction of the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, we’re now the first to provide this level of integrated, seamless and helpful biometric information to inspire customers to advance their fitness experiences.” said Brian M. Nohe, president of SMS Audio, in a press release. To us this is a product we are now really waiting on to be released. It is easy to use and creates an extra value due to heart rate monitoring. Waiting to see what the pairing of SMS Audio and Intel will bring in the future. From what we know today, the headphones will work together with the popular fitness app RunKeeper for Android and iOS. It will be water resisdent, it will be available in the fourth quarter this year and the price should be around $150 according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt(approx. €112). JafJaf!

Polaroid Cube Action Camera. And action!
Polaroid Cub Action Camera

Meet: the brandnew Polaroid Cube Action Camera! Since the huge success of the GoPro action cameras we have seen more and more of them appearing on the market. Still, the GoPro series are the market leader. Now Polaroid has presented their very own action camera. The very stylish, retro design driven Polaroid Cube Action Camera. The lifestyle camera is water resistant, shockproof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine. Packed with fun including 1080p HD video, 6MP CMOS sensor, 124° wide angle lens, and built in battery that records up to 90 minutes. You record your videos with a MicroSD memory card with up to 32 GB and the build-in magnet at the bottom let's you pop the camera on your helmet, skateboard or any other metal surface to record your most fun moments. Along with the new Polaroid Action Camera you can purchase different mounts for little money. The monkey stand is defintely the eye catcher. But next to the cute monkey there are others like the bike mount, the helmet mount for your next winter holidays or the waterproof case for all those surfers out there. The Cube sells for less than 100€ and is available from End August. Cool, cute And fun. The mix of retro simplicity and modern usability makes it the GoPro lite for all fun users. Thumps Up. JafJaf!

Details make the difference: Gemini.
It's in the details

It's not easy for men to find stylish accessories. If you want to have something nice, you're mostly obliged to look between the more high-level brands. Let's face it: women have more luck in this area. Or at least, they had... Yes, gentlemen who are looking for something unique, weither they are sporty or business, will from now on find their arm candy at Gemini Bracelets. The Belgian premium brand, founded by twin brothers Marc and Rob Beenders, started out with a personal need for nice accessories for men. Since they were not happy with the available assortment, they just created their own label. Well done, guys.   First in the Gemini-line are the bracelets with beads in different trend-oriented colors. From basic black, to spring green. We really like the tiger eye brown (that makes F's eyes pop) and the tricolor. Each one has its own feel and is perfectly combinable to bring that little extra. Recently the deluxe leather wristbands, that really give that more premium understatement look, joined the family.   We probably don't have to tell you that we're big fans of Gemini. We both have a beads- and a leather bracelet and feel like we're rocking them. How do you like it?   Stylish men who are interested or women who just found the perfect present for their love, can get their bracelets in shops around Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal (hopefully soon in Germany?) or online via Big like! JafJaf! ____________________ Für Männer ist es nicht einfach stilvolle Accessories zu finden . Wenn man etwas Schönes sucht muss man meistens bei den großen Marken oder Handelsketten schauen. Aber 'mal ehrlich: Frauen haben bei diesem Punkt klar den besseren Stand. Oder zumindest hatten sie ihn... (more…)

The doorbell rings.
The doorbell rings
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Der Paketbote hat geklingelt... Meilenshopping! Da wir noch ein paar Flugmeilen von Emirates hatten die am 31. März verfallen sind, haben wir uns auf der Emirates High Street umgesehen um unsere Skywards noch für etwas einzutauschen. Man findet dort alles was man auch im Flugzeug bekommt und noch etwas mehr. Wir mögen gerne schöne Dinge... Der Sommer steht vor der Tür und somit auch der ein oder andere Abend auf dem Balkon, zusammen mit Freunden und einem schönen Glas Weißwein (wenn es nach uns geht immer gerne trockenen Riesling). Dementsprechend haben wir uns am Ende für eine Cool Breather Weißwein Karaffe von Menu entschieden sowie sechs hochwertige Savoy Weißwein Gläser mit Platin Rand von LSA. (more…)