H.E. By Mango November 2014 Men’s Lookbook
HE by Mango November Lookbook

Mango surprises with its so far best H.E. by Mango November Men's Lookbook Mango has already released a few cookbooks earlier this year including their  A/W14 Menswear lookbook and their A/W14 urban suiting collection. Both have been played quite safe on terms of style and looks. This november lookbook however is defintely one of the most fashion forward collections Mango has released so far. We are beyond impressed. For us, Mango has always been very traditional, mainstream and quite Spanish inspired in their H.E. by Mango collection. Well, this lookbook is different. It's high fashion but still not over the top. All styles shown in the lookbook are individually styled and brought together in remarkable outfits. We are really surprised and welcome this new look of the H.E. collection. Everything is clean cut, futuristic and minimalistic. The mix of tailoring with sports influenced pieces follows the actual fashion trend and is executed nicely. For us a ready to wear and feel good collection. Difficult to choose a favourite. What's yours? JafJaf!

Pick Of The Day: G-Star RAW Office Look.
Pick Of The Day: G-Star RAW Office Look.

Weither you hit the city or the office, you're gonna love the G-Star RAW look we've picked out. It isn't a secret at all that we guys like to dress nice. Therefore it's always good to find easy to combine key items for your wardrobe. You should've seen the smile on J's face when he bumped into this great G-Star RAW blazer. The Lockstart blazer is a four-button blazer with large hand-pockets and a rounded hem that is slightly longer in the front. With its mediumweight sweat fabric and added stretch, it's a pleasure to wear it both in the office and city. The city formal style matches perfectly with denim. We've completed the look with a classy black AllSaints t-shirt, a Diesel Thavar denim, black Converse sneakers for a casual touch and J's latest pride: a Tommy Hilfiger leather Colton laptop bag. Add a nice accessory like our beloved Gemini Bracelets and you're ready to go. JafJaf!  Blazer: G-Star RAW // T-Shirt: AllSaints // Denim: Diesel // Bag: Tommy Hilfiger // Bracelet: Gemini Bracelets

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals – First Phase Released.
Pharell Williams X adidas originals
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Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals first phase available now. Pharrell Williams has become one of the major American music producer to launch a design range this week with trainers and sportswear for Adidas. Now, Adidas has unveiled the first two pieces from its collaboration with musician and producer Pharrell Williams, which launched in shops on Saturday, 20th. Three more product releases will follow in October, November and December. The total collection will consist of a series of limited edition pieces with the draw on items from the sportswear brand's collection of classic designs. The first two are a version of Adidas' Superstar track jacket in leather and the brand's classic Stan Smith shoes, which will come in three colors: blue, red and black. "The equal sign is the leitmotif of the collaboration's logo," said Adidas in an official statement about the logo for the collaboration. "Next to the Adidas Originals trefoil, two of the iconic three stripes transform into a bold equal sign with the third being the name of Pharrell Williams," the brand explained further. Adidas also said that the products in the collaboration would "revolve around Pharrell's idea of equality," but did not explain how this had been applied to the jacket and trainers. Release Date: Available Now! - Store: Adidas first announced its collaboration with Pharell at the beginning of this year, but is not the only brand to be working with the producer. In July, Pharrell unveiled a collection of clothing for G-Star RAW with fabrics made from materials, created using waste plastic collected from the sea. At the moment it seems that everything the great producer/singer touches is meant to be very succesful. From his Oscar-winning 'Happy' song which turned into an anthem earlier this year, to multiple magazine covers. For sure one of the men of 2014. Stay tuned for more. JafJaf!

Suit Up: J x Drykorn.
Suit Up: J x Drykorn Business Look

J's 25th life year brings a new premium friend along: a lovely Drykorn suit. Ah, birthdays. The time to gather all your beloved friends and family to talk about the past year, have a drink, a dance, a bite, a selfie with everyone. The perfect moment to have a good time all together. You have to just love it. Next to that, birthdays are also the time of presents... With my 25th birthday last week, I received quite some gift cards and shopping money. Logically it didn't take me too long to go out and spend it. And if I may say: it's been spent wisely. Already for a long period I've been in need of a second complete suit. Most of the time you can easily combine a good qualitative jeans with a nice blazer for a casual office look, but sometimes you'd just like it to be a little more dressed. So, with freshly received cash money in the hand, F and I went to look for a new full costume at Drykorn (yes, Made For Beautiful People). After trying on quite some cool stuff, we decided to go for this dark blue suit with a cool pattern all over the blazer and pants that clearly makes it stand out. By the way: it not only looks good, it also feels soft. Prrrrr. So, fashion police, what are your thoughts? Can I walk into your office? JafJaf!

Dressed-Up: Suitsupply Autumn/Winter 2014.
Dressed-Up: Suitsupply Autumn/Winter 2014

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‘Happy’ For The Sea: Pharrell Williams for G-Star RAW
Happy For The Ocean - Pharell Williams X G-Star RAW
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G-Star RAW and Pharrell Williams are getting 'Happy' for the sea Pharrell has collaborated with fashion brand G-Star RAW on a new collection using recycled marine plastic to help save the oceans. The Fall-Winter 2014 men's and womenswear collection titled 'G-Star RAW for the Oceans,' a collaboration between Bionic Yarn, the Vortex Project and Parley for the Oceans, was first announced in February this year, with Pharrell Williams curating the line. The key to the collection is the Bionic Yarn, a fiber created from recycled plastic harvested from the ocean. This is the first time the fabric has been incorporated into jeans. This first full collection has directly also used 10 tons of the recycled ocean plastic. Pieces include the aforementioned denim as well as bomber jackets, boilersuits, trench coats, shirts, t-shirts and caps, all featuring the Bionic Yarn. The dark blue and black clothing also features a new 'Otto, the Octopus'-motif which appears throughout the collection (even hidden in the reverse of some fabrics). The G-Star RAW for the Oceans collection is hitting G-Star stores and the online shop now. Blub! JafJaf!

Beats X Chanel. HipHop Goes Lagerfeld.
Beats X Chanel headphones teased on Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld wears BEATS X CHANEL headphones during Paris Fashion Week. There has been much said and written about it, but the BEATS X CHANEL headphones are coming anyway! During the Paris Fashion Week they were seen on the catwalk and will now join the exclusive circle of Chanel gadgets. The headset will shortly be available for a small amount of € 5,000 Euro across Chanel stores worldwide. The headphones are designed with a strong Chanel aesthetic. The signature quilted leather upper, the Chanel logo on the earpieces and of course a matching Chanel pouch. In the past, Monster has collaborated with Hublot and Crystal Roc to create some unique headsets and the collaboration with Chanel cements their status as an industry forerunner. With Swizz Beatz and Karl Largerfeld himself seen flaunting the Chanel headphones, it was only a matter of time until they would be released. See the photos of the BEATS X CHANEL luxury headphone that might be the right company for you here. JafJaf!

We love our Gemini Bracelets
We love our Gemini Bracelets - Cool office look

Already for some months now we're big fans of the two Belgian brothers who founded Gemini Bracelets. Selling their collection so far in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal and Luxemburg, this Fall the arm candy will finally be available in Germany as well. First shops to get a glimpse of them are located in Aachen, Munich and Cologne (not thát far away from Dusseldorf - ha). We really love our Gemini Bracelets because whatever you're wearing - sporty, casual or business - it always suits you. And with their high quality standard and view, it not only completes your look but just brings you in a better mood. We've got some pieces of their new collection and would like to share them with you. F went for a cool office look while J goes for smooth in casual. In both ways our precious bracelets take it to the next level. What do you think? And to be mentioned: While shooting the pictures for this post we were even asked where we got our Gemini Bracelets. The German man in the streets of Dusseldorf definitely approves their arrival in Deutschland. Lol! JafJaf!

First look at the Alexander Wang H&M 2014 Fall/Winter collection.
First look at the Alexander Wang H&M Fall/Winter 2014 collection
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After the breaking Alexander Wang H&M news earlier this year, the Swedish retailer now releases the first images. The collaboration with the incredibly famous designer stays true to Wang’s fashion forward sportswear aesthetic. Expect a dark selection of athletic-inspired gear with a rough focus on boxing. Say hello to neoprene, tech jersey, leather blocking and toned-down colors. Not so toned-down though are the large WANG-prints on eyewear, sweatshirts and shorts. These should give the collection a kind of underground street wear sensibility but are sometimes a bit too much for us. Maybe JAF would be a suggestion from our side. We do look forward to wearing the incredibly cool gray puffer jacket from the Alexander Wang H&M collection, hitting stores in November. JafJaf!

Love: buying the same Adidas sneakers (by accident).
Love: buying the same Adidas sneakers (by accident)

What happens when you're together for more than three years? You start buying the same Adidas sneakers. ;-) Didn't the Spice Girls once sing about 'When two become one'? We clearly understand the deep lyrics of that pop song now. When J doesn't feel well, he has a great medicine that always works very therapeutic: online shopping! Since he was anyway looking for new sneakers, he ordered himself a pair of fancy white Adidas puppies with a smash of neon pink and minty green. Order out, laptop closed, time for a feel-better nap. That nap didn't take too long though. Later that day the doorbell rings for a package delivery... from Adidas. Turns out F already placed  a 'sneaky' order two days before. And believe it or not: he bought the exact same supercool shoes. Love happens. Or shall we call it destiny? Anyway we are both happy and that counts. That's all that matters. JafJaf!