Favorite Restaurant in Düsseldorf: Nooij
Nooij Düsseldorf
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The 8th of May 2011? We remember that beautiful day as it was yesterday. It was the start of J and F, JAF. Three years later, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner. Place to be was Nooij (to pronounce as the German worth ‘neu’), from owner Nene Nooij. Nene calls himself a European with his Dutch, German and Spanish background. He opened his Scandinavian/sixties-designed restaurant in Düsseldorf, Flingern, where he brings a healthy international kitchen. Yummy! Since it’s Cheap nba Jerseys asparagus season and we absolutely love this delicious vegetable, we decided to go for an asparagus creme soup as a starter. De-li-ci-ous! Later onwards the food party continued with an asparagus/walnut pie for J and a strawberry/asparagus/tuna salad for F. You can be very sure: our plates were quickly empty. When browsing through the menu, we also took a quick look at the breakfast specials. Here you can clearly see the different international influences that Nooij has. When ordering a Dutch breakfast for example, you get vanilla custard, sprinkles, gouda and bread with peanut butter. When going for the Spanish treat, you can be sure of getting deliciously baked chorizo, manchego and fried eggs . If we can get up early enough, we’ll definitely try this out on Sunday morning. Very recommendable restaurant! JafJaf! Sometimes dirty laundry cheap jerseys wholesale ought not to be aired in public. A lot of people give violent speeches and derogatory and unfounded comments on a particular religion or race. Otter, who is working on behalf of the Green Party’s recount effort.’It’s basically asking for a recount of a presidential election, statewide.’The four page petition includes an ‘Exhibit A’ that details ‘information about the hackability of the electronic voting machine’, said Otter.The move oakley outlet could get Stein out of one difficulty that she had missed Cheap Jordan Shoes individual deadlines for recounts in some counties, and would not need to find three voters in each district to petition for a recount in each of them.However a recount in Pennsylvania could raise a number of challenges, according to experts. The state does not back up all of its electronic voting machines with paper ballots, which would make it extremely difficult to conduct a recount.’The nightmare scenario would be if Pennsylvania decides the election and it is very close. Sturdy and unassuming Green Bay has several distinctions, among them the fact it is home to the country’s biggest trucking company and to a paper industry that has earned it the nickname of “the carboidrati toilet paper capital of the world”. But its true claim to fame is the Packers, and its true heart is Lambeau Field, where the team are roared on by the “Cheesehead” supporters Wisconsin is a cheese making region.. “For God’s sake, open the door!” Capt. Patrick Sondenheimer screamed as he banged on the cockpit door, pleading with the co pilot.Thirteen minutes later, the plane slammed into the French Alps.The audio from the plane’s cockpit voice recorder has not been released, but the German newspaper Bild published Sunday what it claims is a summary of the transcript from the recording.CNN translated Bild’s report which the newspaper says is based on the 1.5 hours of audio that was on the cockpit voice recorder but cannot independently verify the information.France’s accident investigation agency, BEA, told CNN that the agency is “dismayed” by the voice recording leak to Bild.Martine Del <a cheap nfl jerseys href="http://www.cheap-jerseys-sale.com/" target="_blank">cheap nba jerseys Bono, a spokeswoman for the agency, said the leak could nfl jerseys cheap not have come from a BEA agent. As you can see, Trump’s margin for error is therefore very, very slim. Were one of those larger battleground states (Florida, Ohio, North Carolina) to decide it’s with her, then Trump is doomed in the absence of a miracle in a state such as Pennsylvania, or Michigan. Scan the menu carefully and ask your Fake Oakleys waiter questions if you unsure how something is prepared. Stick with foods that are boiled, broiled, baked or steamed. Even predators that don’t elicit proper feelings of respect in humans, such as Weasels, Snakes and Brown Recluse Spiders, don’t typically make the cut. With these thoughts in mind, here are some names you wholesale football jerseys could use for your sports Oakleys Outlet team: Sharks, Grizzlies, Wolverines, Badgers, Raptors, Hawks, Eagles, Cheetahs, Ocelots, Wolves, Coyotes and Lizards.

Drive… now!
Drive now Düsseldorf
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Some weeks ago we found an offer from DriveNow, the carsharing service from <a style="font-weight: bold;font-style: Ray Ban Sunglasses inherit;color: #92dadd" title="Summer Lovin’/Dinner happened so fast…" href="www.bmw.de" target="_blank">BMW and MINI, where they lowered the subscription fee from 29.95€ to 4.99€. You can find their cars in Dusseldorf, Baratas Ray Ban Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and San Francisco. So we decided to try it out. After your online ray ban sale subscription you receive a confirmation e-mail which asks you to stop by at a Sixt servicepoint with your ID, drivers licence and your bank-/creditcard. There you receive your <a style="font-weight: bold;font-style: NFL Jerseys Cheap inherit;color: #92dadd" href="https://de.drive-now.com/#" target="_blank">DriveNow-ID that will get you on the road. Still quickly download the DriveNow App for Android or iOS and you are good to go! Last Sunday, we enjoyed the lovely sun in Dusseldorf at the Fischmarkt and since we had to get home in time (and just absolutely were in a Mini-mood), we tried out the DriveNow App. And look at that: at only 400m distance a ride was waiting for us. Quickly reserve the car for 15min and follow the integrated navigation towards the vehicle.   When you arrive at the car, the procedure is quite easy: There’s a scanner at the windshield that shows the availability of the vehicle (red light: booked, yellow light: reserved and -bingbing- green: this car is available). Now hold your DriveNow-ID infront of the scanner, wait for the green light to turn into a yellow hourglass and -click- the car unlocks. When you enter the car, you get a short welcome message that asks you for your personal PIN and then: DriveNow. 🙂 From there onwards we cruised through Dusseldorf to get to our apartment. The MINI was very new, clean and even the 197cm tall F didn’t have troubles to fit in the car. When we would’ve been with more than two, we do would’ve have to opt cheap nfl jerseys shop for a BMW because someone extra wouldn’t have fit on the backseat. What was really good, was the build-in navigation that guided us through the city.   When you arrive at your destination, you just park the car at a free spot, end your booking in the menu and scan your DriveNow-ID one last time at the scanner at the windshield till the light turns green. Your Mini is locked and ready for its next driver. Long story short: We’re very positive about the DriveNow service. It does have a pricetag, but therefore you get a nice range of the MINI and BMW 1 vehicles to choose from. With more than 200 cars in Dusseldorf, the chance to get a ride is quite high and, let’s face it, you don’t have any responsabilities. Get in, drive, get out. Big recommendation! JafJaf! natalie nakase makes nba historyBeing a major developer and publisher of PC/Console games, every year EA launches top grossing games. 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Düsseldorf Tour: We have company…
We have company in Düsseldorf

This weekend, we were able to welcome our very first visitors in the brand new JAF Düsseldorf apartment. The J-family came over from Belgium to take a preview look at the new crib, which they of course more than approved. As a nice Sunday activity, we decided to explore Düsseldorf with the family, including happy four-footed Luna. On this little excursion we managed to see some Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys nice highlights of the city on a short period of time. Perfect for an afternoon walk. Our escapade started at the central station (Hauptbahnhof), where we took tram 709 in direction of Theodor-Heuss-Platz, till we got off at Stadttor. For little Luna this was directly quite the experience since it was her first time on public transportation. Oh, that funny acate dog. 🙂 When arriving at Stadttor we went in direction of the trendy media harbor. This hip area at the Rhein has on the one side the famous Ghery houses, constructed by American-Canadian architect Frank Ghery, and on the other side the remarkable currywurst stand where you custom jerseys can get currywurst with real gold leafs. Try it.   Since silver is more our kind of color, we decided to walk further and to later onwards opt for an ice-cream. While walking along the riverside, headed towards the old city center (and our beloved ice-cream), we passed the high in the sky tv-tower and the parliament of NRW. After a 30 minute walk, we arrived at the Burgplatz. These stairs, that are connecting the waterside with the old city center, are as specially popular during the summertime for having a drink in a mixed crowd. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it’s actually also a great spot for a nice photo moment. Snap! A few streets further we enjoyed the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yummy famous Italian ice-cream ever at Eisbar Pia. A must-visit on warm days. But be prepared… to stand in the cue. FYI: 1 scoop = € 0,80. On the walk back to our starting point, we recommend a stop at the colorful Toykio. This cafe not only serves great coffee, it also fulfills wholesale football jerseys china the appetite of toy- and art lovers. Shopaholics can still do some window-shopping at the Schadowstraße and the Königsallee, since all shops are closed on Sundays. Thank god we were there on a Cheap MLB Jerseys Kaufsontag, which basically means the shops were open. Luna.was.thrilled. To make our long story short: we had a great afternoon and so had our guests. For those who’re planning a trip to Düsseldorf, feel free to click on the map below where we’ve marked our highlights of the day. Or just leave us a message on info@jaftime.com. JafJaf! One of the best things about fantasy sports is the competition. 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