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Fasten Your Seatbelt: The Sky Is The Limit With Windowless Airplanes.
windowless airplane
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In 10 Years there will be a windowless airplane where the sky is the limit. Imagine sitting in a flight cabin where the windows are display screens, relaying a choice of views from around the aircraft. Sounds great and this company is working on it. The Center for Process Innovation (CPI), a British technology research company is working on the next big step in air transportation. They are aiming to replace the windows from passenger planes with touch-screens that extend along the plane’s entire length and display the view from outside through cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior. According to CPI, windows are one of the greatest sources of unnecessary weight in passenger planes. Solid walls are stronger and allow the walls to be built thinner as well. The OLED screens that replace the windows would display the view outside and allow passengers to select entertainment and stewardess service. Nice side effect: less weight means less fuel consumption which results again in lower CO2 emissions. Thumps Up! A bright technology to look forward to and a whole new flight eperience. No need to look through these tiny little airplane windows any longer. We already see ourselves about to land in New York City with a stunning panoramic city view by night or passing by the Mount Everest. 2024 can come. JafJaf! Extra designed OLED screens will show passengers the world outside. Via the screens passengers can ask for service, see all flight information and enjoy internet access and media players.

Best pools in the world: dive in!
Best pools in the world
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Dive into one of the best pools in the world! You know you deserve it! ;-) Most of Europe might have forgotton about the true meaning of great Summer weather. However, lots of dream destinations are more than willing to give you a bunch more value. It's actually not even necessary to travel wide abroad. Countries that are closer to home, like Greece and Switzerland, are more than happy to cater to your needs to have a relaxing, breathtaking time off. In need of a bit of inspiration? We sure found our portion and since we care, we share! Meet: the best pools in the world. Meow! Gocta Lodge, Peru Vivere Arco, Italy Como Shambhala Estate, Bali Lecrans Hotel & Spa, Switzerland Hilton Conrad Koh Samui, Thailand Thanda Private Game Reserve, South-Africa Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel, Kreta Already wearing your bathing suit or will it be a skinny dip?  Don't forget to send us a postcard. By the way, if you're in for a bit more daydreaming: Check out our Travel section! JafJaf!

The next crazy thing Dubai is planning: a temperature-controlled city.
mall of the world in dubai cityview
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The next crazy thing Dubai is going to build: a temperature-controlled city, known as the 'Mall of the World'. Dubai has always had a thing for showing off. They have Bugatti police cars, the world's tallest buildings and an underwater hotel. But now, they are going to build the world's first integrated temperature-controlled city and an indoor theme park, covered by a retractable glass dome that opens during winter months. It will be located in the Al Sufouh district, close to the water front. If everything goes as planned, the shopping and entertainment complex will include a Broadway-style theater district; a pedestrian walkway modeled on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas; a 6.9-km retail network of roads, based on London’s Oxford Street; 20,000 hotel rooms; underground parking; an indoor family theme park and a “wellness district” for medical tourists. We call that a clear understatement. JafJaf!

Top beaches in the world.
Top beaches in the world
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If Summer at home isn't what you expected it to be, now is the perfect time to still book a ticket to the top beaches in the sun! In need of a bit of inspiration? Tripadvisor lined up their top-25 of top beaches in the world. Worth a look if you ask us. As a breathtaking warm-up on JAF: the ultimate top 5. JafJaf! 5. Whitehaven Beach, Withsunday Islands "Absolutely spectacular. Nothing but pure, pristine beach. Shallow, warm, clear water.” 4. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa "The sand is golden, the water is crystal clear and there are plenty of fish for snorkeling." 3. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico "The best beach that we have been." 2. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos "Powder-soft, white sand. Green water, fading to turquoise graduating to purple on the horizon. Amazing!" 1. Baia Do Sancho, Brazil "Truly spectacular, from the walkway on the cliff above and on the beach itself. Idyllic."

Kisses from Berlin.
Kisses from Berlin

Woohooh! We're on Holiday! After our big move in February and starting a new job in March, it was time to take a little walk on the free side. That's why we decided to grab our Belgian friend, Joke, and to cruise towards the lovely Berlin. We start off with a classic one day city tour through Berlin. But instead of taking one of the tourist busses, we take the legendary bus line 100, starting from Bahnhof Zoo towards the Alexanderplatz. It stops at all the main attractions and if you get off, just minutes later the next one passes by. There even is a an app for ios that works as an audio guide for the full route. We anyway managed to check-out the Siegesäule, the Bundestag, the Kansleramt, Brandenburger Tor, the Jewish monument and the Fernsehturm at the Alexanderplatz. A great shot of culture if you ask us. JafJaf!

Restaurants with a breathtaking view.
Restaurant Sirocco in Bangkok, Thailand

Dinner at a restaurant can taste twice as good when you have something nice to look at. Having said that, here you have six cool restaurants, spread over the globe, that will probably make you get quite hungry. The Grotto - Krabi, Thailand It couldn't get more romantic than this: this restaurant was build in an ancient cave, giving you a magnificent view over the Phranang Beach while you warm up for dinner with a lovely cocktail. Sirocco - Bangkok, Thailand Thailand doesn't seem too bad for dining. From the 63rd floor of the State Towers, the crazy metropole called Bangkok turns into a sea of lights. Sirocco is not only famous for being the world's highest  open-air restaurant with a killer view, the Wagyu steak should also be divine. El Farallón - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico On your plate: fresh sea fruits, straight from the grill. In your face: the Pacific, reflecting all the colors of the beautiful sunset. Fangweng - Yichang, China Afraid of heights? If the answer is yes, than it's wise to skip Fangweng. If not, enjoy the view from this restaurant that actually hangs on a cave. Real daredevils even have the opportunity to do a bungee jump. Maybe best before eating... Grotta Palazzese - Polignano a Mare, Italy A real romance maker. You, your loved one, candlelight dinner, the Adriatic sea and a restaurant that's carved inside of a cave. Great to score some extra points. Clouds - Hamburg, Germany Who ever said you have to travel far to discover the world? Also near to home you can enjoy something incredible. At Clouds you can get a mighty good steak on the 23rd floor of the 'Tanzende Türme' and meanwhile enjoy the supplementary view over wonderful Hamburg. JafJaf!

Visit: Stockholm Ice bar.
Visit Stockholm: Icebar

We'd like to share a great ice-cold travel tip with you for your next journey to Stockholm. Last year we visited the great Swedish capital with J's birthday in September. Les Mills, the company of the great fitness classes like BodyJam, BodyPump and BodyCombat invited us for the filming of their new classes during the Super Saturday. As sportloving Les Mills fans we of course couldn't say no and brought  our favorite Bodyjamster, Joke, along. We'll talk more about Les Mills in a later post, so be prepared. Our cool tip for your visit to Stockholm: a nightly stop in the Stockholm Ice bar by Icehotel. You will get there through the lobby of the Nordic Sea Hotel, practically next to the central station (Vasaplan 4, Stockholm city). The Icebar in Stockholm was the very first in its kind and is opened through the entire year. After putting on your cosy poncho, you can enter the bar with its chilly -5 degrees of Celsius. The complete bar exists out of ice. Ceiling, walls, the bar, ice sculptures and even the glasses that are filled with different kind of delicious longdrinks are existing out of... ice! Really worth the visit to this experience. Perfect to get an aperitif after dinner or as a "warming-up" for the Swedish nightlife. In your entry fee one drink is already included. Do reserve if you're with more than three cause it sure is a place-to-be. JafJaf!

Paradise: Zanzibar.
Paradise: Zanzibar

Do you know the yearly feeling of excitement around February/March when you want to plan your Summer escape and say: „Let’s do something special this year, something we will always remember. Let’s live it up!“? Last year we most certainly did plan that special unforgettable vacation. We booked our flights to Zanzibar, the beautiful island next to Tanzania in East Africa. At arrival, our -yet to become- friend Mohammed waits for us with his taxi. „Djambo djambo, my friends! I will take you through my beautiful country“. Well, off we go. Since we wanted to see a lot of Zanzibar, we booked a Bungalow Lodge in the South for our first week, to move to the more touristic North during halftime of the Holiday. On our two hour drive towards the first stay, Mohammed decides to be a bit spontaneous and stops for a treat of freshly cut coconut. No extra charge. Could you imagine a taxi in Europe stopping to buy you a pretzel or an ice-cream? Unbelievable. During the rest of the trip towards the South, Mohammed advises us about the different excursions, the do’s and don’ts in Zanzibar and explains the sad political/economical situation of this paradise. This was the most personal and genuine taxi-ride we’ve ever taken. We directly made arrangements for the drive from the South to the North. Arriving in Paje, we drop our bags in our bungalow, get seated on the terrace, watch the pearly white deserted beach like you only see in movies and hear the relaxing sound of waves come back and forth and back and forth. Paradise. The next morning we awake with the sun having a peek in our room around six. A smile on our faces, the balcony door open and breakfast is served. While eating our delicious fruits, eggs and a local kind of bread, we decide to explore the beach while going for a run and to take the rest of the day off. Hakuna matata. :) Paje is quite known for its kite surfers. It’s not (yet) the most touristic place but surfers seam to swear for the spot since the water is flat and the waves and the wind streams are great for them. You even have some schools here to learn the right skills. Though tempted to get on a board, we decide to learn the skills at home and to definitely come back. Activities we did do are highly recommendable for an unforgettable experience. Dolphin swimming is one of them, just be prepared to get up early as hell. Autch. It was at four in the morning when a jeep was waiting for us. Still half a sleep we manage to get into the car that later on picks up Kassandra, Kay and Katie, our new Canadian friends. They talk about an addictive game called Candy crush and how they are waiting for their friends to give them a new life via Facebook. We kind of liked it and soon are all prepared to meet the dolphins… after finishing level 32 of Candy crush. You might have heard or experienced the dolphin swimming in touristic places like Florida where the animals are living in captivity. This is no such thing. In Zanzibar you have a group of wild dolphins that every morning swims towards the same spot looking for food. A speedboat brings you there and than it’s up to you to jump in the refreshing (read: ice-cold) water and to swim between twenty, thirty, maybe forty dolphins. No words can describe this. Let’s just say: it’s amazing. On our way back, we talk to the girls about joining for a sailboat trip later the week. Great idea and so we enjoyed a more traditional and touristic, but nevertheless very enjoyable, excursion that takes you to a deserted island for an all-you-can-eat seafood bbq. On the way towards the island, the boat stops for snorkeling and sunbathing on a sandbank with crystal clear blue water. We really loved our stay in Paje. It even was a bit sad to leave it behind when Mohammed was greeting us with a most friendly „Djambo djambo, friends“ when picking us up for part two of the holiday. During the three hour drive in direction of Nungwi, we took a break at a spices farm. Though we think this was really interesting, it might not be for everyone. People who like to see where their coffee comes from and never realized that pineapples actually come out of the ground are up for a treat. And anyway, it’s nice to have a stop in between the ride. Nungwi is completely different than Paje. Here you see a big clash between South and North, which doesn’t mean one of them is less enjoyable. We stayed at a new five star hotel, called Hideaway of Nungwi. Luxury and service are the keywords at this palace. A great place for relaxing, swimming, buffet surfing, … A great place to get spoiled. Look out for good deals end May till mid June when the raining season is over. We really enjoyed the great service, a classy junior suite with sea view, dips in the infinity pool and peace and quite. Ultimate relaxing-proofed. Every month you have a full moon party in Nungwi. People from all over the African continent travel to Zanzibar just for this famous parties. Of course JAF was present. And, yes, it’s really cool to have an open air party with pounding music to dance to on the beach. But don’t travel to Zanzibar just for the party. The hang-over is just as bad (or even worse) as in Germany. Autch. Thank god, the pool and its service welcomed us the next afternoon with open arms. „Can I have a wine please?“ A day trip to Stone Town was our last excursion. Interesting to see this really old town, which is an UNESCO world heritage site with arabic and indian influences. We hired a local guide to explain the history and to get to know the life of the locals. From our point of view one day at Stonetown is long enough. The last days we just enjoyed, relaxed and went to our morningly gym session (since the food was too good). Writing about it lets all the good memories come back and brings a big smile on our faces. If you are planning a trip and still need some help we are of course happy to help. We highly recommend our hotels:- Domokuchu Lodge, Paje (South).- Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa, Nungwi (North). JAF-tips:- Don’t forget your injections + the yellow card to prove you had them.- Change money at arrival. Credit cards are not everywhere accepted.- Always negotiate prices. It’s more than normal.- Restaurants are cheap. No need to look for a supermarket.- Be open and talk to the locals. They are friendly and are happy to help.- Don't forget your GoPro! Djambo djambo! JafJaf!